Black Cat, Saigon

6 Sep

Today I’ll share with you a review of the Black Cat, a Western food restaurant (with a bit of Vietnamese food too) in Saigon. I have been there at least two months ago but constantly declined the posting date because I thought I had much more serious stuffs to post before.

The restaurant is quite famous for offering the Big Cheese, which is a gigantic burger of 1,5 kilos with 500gr of meat, one onion, three tomatoes, six slices of bacon (which I believe is quite small compared to the three tomatoes), one pickle (meaning the big Russian style pickles) and one head of lettuce.

The burger costs 333 000 dongs (12,70€) and you can get chips as a side for 30 000 dongs (1,14€). As if you were really going to order those chips…

Anyway, for the people here who know me, you may guess that I truly wanted to try out this burger. Now my environmental awareness (and also my new “eating too much food as well as meat is quite bad and not a challenge anymore” awareness, by the way) prevents me from thinking that it would be such a great idea to eat all of that (well, at least you surely eat a lot of veggies, right?).

But what truly prevented me that day from ordering the Big Cheese, was the fact that I was not quite hungry. Furthermore, as usual, I was craving for Western food, it means that I probably did not take my time while eating, and thus quickly started to feel full. So I knew after finishing my burger that I had done the right choice, because no dessert could make its way inside my belly.

Anyway, I then wanted to order the Big Cheese and sharing it with someone. You can perfectly do that, but then you cannot get the great reward of having your picture on the walls of the restaurant. Unfortunately, no one wanted to share with me the competition, most of my friends thought even shared by two persons it was still too big to be finished, and the last one was thinking in a quite “chivalrous” way that if he ordered it, he needed to eat it by himself.

I drank an orange juice there.

So I finally ended with a Double Trouble, a bigger burger (compared to the rest of the menu) which fulfilled a bit of my “I’m going to impress everyone by eating a lot even if I’m truly thin” wish.

The burger is quite simple, with two steaks and some bacon but was good. The chips weren’t that nice though. It costs 185 000 dongs (7€).

My friends took two Garfield, which is actually the single version of the Double Trouble, and one Cat which is the basic version of the burger (same as Garfield but without the bacon). They cost 145 000 dongs (5,50€) and 115 000 dongs (4,40€) each.

Mark: 3,5/5

Although I was nicely surprised by Carl Jr’s, I must admit that for 1 or 2€ more you get a “real” burger (meaning something that is quite hard to eat because it is not as flat as in a fast-food chain, even if at Carl Jr’s, it is not as flat as at McDonald’s) at The Black Cat.

The place is not really good-looking (which is partly the reason for my 3,5) although I quite like the “Wall of Fame” part downstairs.

The service was really nice, and there was also this waitress who was annoyed by a f*****g old Westerner client who was, in vain, trying to flirt with her. She was really looking embarrassed, and sometimes looking at my hopeless like “I’m way too polite to go because he’s talking at me”. So you have to admit that it is an important thing to prove that the waiters are quite

Here is the bill!

Black Cat:

13, Phan Van Dat,
District 1, Saigon

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