Recipe: Oeuf à la coque (boiled egg) with foie gras and polenta mouillettes (crunchy toast)

4 Sep

So here is a funky recipe for someone who is living in Vietnam, right?

You must wonder how I got some foie gras in Vietnam… Well, my friend who came from France to visit me (and with whom I visited the North and Siem Reap) brought me some from the airport!

There were two small jars, one with duck foie gras and one with goose foie gras. I ate the first one with a baguette by myself as an afternoon snack after working, and the second one was used with another friend at home to eat it with the oeuf à la coque.

So this is quite an easy recipe, and you can perfectly do it after Christmas when you don’t know what to do with the rest of the foie gras (or you’re sick of eating it with bread all the time).

Ingredients for two persons:

4 eggs

Some foie gras

200gr of polenta

Olive oil

Polenta chips/ Mouillettes de polenta:

The first thing to do is to prepare the polenta. I advise you to follow the “recipe” given on the polenta pack, although you should put less water than indicated, to be sure that the polenta will be strong enough.

Once it is cooked, put it all in a big plate (or leave it in the pan as we did), and put it in the fridge until it gets cold and firm.

When the polenta is ready, cut it into thin and large pieces. I would recommend cutting pieces of 5cm long and 0.5cm large.

Take a pan and add at least two centimetres of oil, when the oil starts to be hot, put the polenta cuts in it.

This step is really important because if the polenta is not strong enough, there are chances that it will crumble. That’s why I got only a few pieces that looked good.

The key to cooking them is to put a high temperature, because it won’t fry if not.

During that time, you can cook your eggs. You need to put them in the water when it’s boiling, and put them out after three minutes.

I don’t know why, we put them three minutes but they got nearly cooked!

Anyway, once the eggs are cooked, open the top and add a bit of foie gras inside, then you just need to dip your polenta chips inside the egg. You can also put the foie gras onto the chips before dipping inside the egg.

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