Koh Samui’s Jungle Club

3 Sep

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This was my hotel in Koh Samui.

Its name is Juncle Club and it is located in the mountain above Chaweng beach. To access there, there are only two transportation means: walking for at least 20min or using the hotel’s jeep.
Each ride cost 50baht (1,4€).

The hut where we were was the simplest one, but was truly cute and design (at least for the bathroom). It cost 800 baht per night (20,5€).

The only thing I had against it was that there was a big long window just beneath the roof of the bathroom and so because I am tall, the window stopped just below my shoulders, so if you’re really small, it’s great, but if you’re tall and shy, well, you must know that if someone happens to walk behind your hut (which cannot really happen), well, he will be able to see you having a shower (only your head and shoulders, unless you’re higher than 1m75).

Another thing to know, is that to go to the hotel from the ferry or the airport, they offer a private driver’s service. They will tell you that it’s easier this way because a random taxi cannot go in the mountain (which is true, the way up there is incredibly adventurous) so if you take a taxi, you’ll need to stop at the bottom of the mountain, and then find a way to call the hotel for them to pick you up.

Well, their driver does not really go up in the mountain neither (but he could!), so this private driver service is quite silly, because you’ll pay more for this driver, and then have to pay for the hotel to bring you up there (the only thing good is that you don’t need to explain to the taxi driver that he has to call your hotel to tell them that you’re waiting for them).

Furthermore, this driver service costs 600 baht from the ferry to the bottom of the hill, and apparently you can negotiate the price for 400 baht.


Anyway, here is the website of the hotel:


They say on the website that they allow you only for three nights or more, but we went there for one night only, so you’d rather ask!
You’ll also need to pay through a Paypal account to book the room.

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