British snacks: funny drinks

3 Sep

One of my favourite pastime while being abroad is visiting foreign supermarkets. It is really a funny activity.

So while I was living in England, each time I went shopping was full of discoveries, because for once in my life, I was able to have enough time to try all the new stuffs I saw. Even after two months, when I got used to going to Tesco, I was still amazed to see all the shelves and the products I had not tried earlier.



In England there were many drinks that were brand new for me.

The first one is this kiddy’s smoothie, with the famous Mr and Mrs drawings.

Another drinks I found really interesting were the Starbucks ones. I did not know Starbucks was selling drinks at the supermarket, but they had quite a wide range in England!
I never tried those, because I do not like coffee, and the strawberry frappuccini really look disgusting.

And this one is also quite funny: a Bob Marley drink. Did not try either.

Well, there were many other funny drinks, like the Asian ones at the small Costcutter in my campus (for instance a weird jelly grass drink), many Snapples I would have loved to try, or many squashes (a kind of concentrated juice), but today you’ll have just an excerpt of them!

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