Smooth and friends, Bangkok

1 Sep

So this is the only place I can recommend in Thailand. We found it while looking for a place to eat near the Asia Hotel where we went to see a Ladyboy cabaret (Calypso cabaret).

Thought it looked nice, and we got it right!

As you can see, they have this small kitchen outside, where they make the food and the drinks, which is kind of fun.

The inside is a bit cosy.

They have a Thai and Western menu, but obviously we weren’t going to eat Western food while in Thailand (remember that even if I show you more Western food in Vietnam than Vietnamese food, it is because we eat everyday Vietnamese, but I’m not going to show you the awful food I have for lunch, or show you everyday my Com Tam, or my Pho Bo).

So we both took a Pad Thai. We had the choice between two sorts of noodles, and I just opted for the glass noodles without really knowing what it was.
Thus, I was a bit disappointed when seeing my plate, but it was good though!

Then the juices arrived quite late and we were really thirsty. I took a berry mix one and my friend a lemon juice.

Here it looks like the juices you can have in Vietnam, where they blend ice and fruits, and it makes some granita.

They actually did not give us any receipt, so that’s why I don’t have any picture of it, but we paid between about 150 baht for both meals with the juices included.
The Pad Thai cost 49 baht each one, so it makes 1,25€.

Mark: 3,5/5

Not the best pad thai ever, but the place is quite nice!

Smooth and Friends:

On the corner between Phetchaburi 12 and Soy Phaya Nak, between the Asia Hotel.

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