One week left

1 Sep

In one week now I’ll be in an airplane going to Singapore to spend a few days with a friend of mine before definitely going back to Paris.

I have this typical mixed feeling where I am happy/relieved and at the same time sad.
I know there will a lot that I will be missing; friends, food, travelling, being really wealthy with only a few euros…
On the other hand, there are many things that I’m glad I won’t see anymore: noise, pollution, people staring at you on the streets…
What I’m sure of, is that Vietnam radically changed my way of thinking about food. I was always looking for fat food, in a big quantity. Here, I got used to eating with no fat, no salt, no sugar and in smaller quantities.
I am quite afraid of coming back and discovering that I became disgusted by cured meats and all sorts of “charcuteries”.
Vietnam also made me understand how lucky I am to travel (even in my own country, I met so many people here who have never seen Hanoi, Dalat, Hue, Hoi An…), to live in a country where there is nearly no pollution or to be able to speak about politics.
So now I sound like an American star doing a boring speech, but it’s true.
Well, I am also lucky to have such an open-minded and understanding family.

I’m not quite going to stop travelling actually, because I will arrive on September, 12th in Paris, and then on 13th I’ll take the plane for Naples, where I will see another friend of mine. After that I’ll go north to spend a night in Milan with my sister, then a few days in Piemonte with the rest of my family, and finally in Lyon with my other family before going back to Paris.

I also have some good news for you: I may live in Japan from February to May 2013. It’s not yet settled, but I passed the first step which was the agreement of my home university to go on exchange in a Japanese university near Osaka.
Now I need to send my application form to the Japanese university but this step is going to be ok, because the most important is to have the agreement of my home school. Then the last step will be the visa!

I’ll keep you in touch about that, although I’m not going to know if the Japanese university accepts me until November! So plenty of time!

Tonight I’ll post about a nice restaurant in Bangkok!

See you later!

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