Thai dishes

31 Aug

So today, a small post about Thai dishes!

The most famous Thai speciality might be Pad Thai. It’s something I ate many times in Thailand, because we didn’t have much time to eat unfortunately and lacked a bunch of cool addresses near our hotel.

So Pad Thai consists of noodles (sometimes glass noodles) with a tamarind juice, shrimps, bean sprouts, and an egg. Sometimes you can find tofu, sugar or soya sauce, and tamarind juice is often replaced by nuoc mam (fish sauce), but let’s face it, it’s way better with tamarind juice!

There is also another good Thai dish I tried, it’s Tom Yam Kung, a lemongrass and shrimps soup. It’s a bit spicy, but it’s really tasty. I tried it with clams and shrimps.

What I tried also is the Thai green curry, which is delicious but way too spicy (at least at our hotel) for me!

So as you can see, for the travellers/foodista, I did not try a lot of brand new Thai dishes, although I did make a list of most of the things I thought looked quite appetizing, but I did not have the opportunity to try them.

So, I will thus tell you more about those dishes!

Pad See Ew: large noodles (I love large noodles and pasta!) with vegetables and chicken.

Nua phat nam man hoi: stir-fried beef with an oyster sauce and onions

Kam Pu thot: fried crab

Goong op woon sen: glass noodles with shrimps and soya sauce

Khao neow moo yang: grilled pork sticks with sticky rice

Som tam: some kind of salad with; crushed carrots, green papaya, chillies, tomatoes, peanuts, sugar and green beans

Now, I warmly advise you to try the ice-creams Sfree, which really look like fun Thai ice-creams! I could not find their website, so I really don’t know where you can find their shops, but it sounds quite original.
This is one of the only websites that talk about it:

So during our time in Bangkok, we also wanted to try the high tea at the Mandarin Oriental, it looked gorgeous, with an Asian offer, great teas and a nice locations (authors’ lounge). Unfortunately, we weren’t accepted inside, the guy at the entrance said that the room had been privatised for a wedding, but I think it was also a poor excuse for not letting us in.
They allow only a certain type of clothes, but how can people wear trousers in Bangkok at 4pm? While you’re visiting Bangkok, you’re not going to loose time to go back to your hotel, change clothes, take a cab, just to have a cup of tea, right?
So I was wearing shorts, but it wasn’t backpackers’ shorts, they were posh shorts, with a tee shirt and some sandals. My friend had a long skirt with a sleeveless t-shirt, and ok, some flipflops, but not backpackers’ flipflops!
Anyway, sleeveless t-shirts are forbidden, as well as shorts.

The same thing happened to us in Saigon, to celebrate my friend’s birthday we headed to the Chill Sky Bar, and once again, we were not allowed inside. But this time, the girl at the entrance told us that it was because of our clothes (I had a pair of jeans, cute sandals and a sleeveless tee shirt, my friend had a skirt, a tee shirt and some sandals) and it got me mad.
I usually pay attention to what I wear, and I wear most of the time what you could call “fashionable clothes” so I was staring at the girl and just thinking that every foreigners would say that I was looking more chic than she was.
Her dress was vulgar and she just told me to go back to my room, change my clothes (obviously we couldn’t we leave at 30km from Saigon and we were there for one night only coming directly from work) and put on some heels. I am 1m75, why would I wear heels seriously? Furthermore, the cocktails there cost 300 000 dongs (11€), so apart from wealthy foreigners or wealthy tourists travelling with suits/cocktail dresses/high heels, I don’t see who can afford to pay and at the same time have enough clothes and time to be admitted inside. Well at least she was really polite and sweet, and just obeying to the orders…

I really hate those kind of policies, it’s really silly. That’s why I love Paris or Europe, where you can go on a nightclub with a pair of trainers, and you’ll be fine if it’s a part of your look. There’s this specific moment when bouncers just look at you, do as if they’re hesitating (but they’re not), and just let you in, because they know you “belong” to this nightclub. Asian countries are sometimes so late regarding the clothes that you need to abide by some stupid rules like: no sleeveless top. I’m sure you could wear a sleeveless tee-shirt from Chanel it would not work either.

By the way, the Chill Sky Bar forbids slippers. Yes, you heard me, slippers. But they actually mean flip flops. When I read that, I thought for a second that “slippers” is actually the correct word for flip flops, but Google proved to me that I was right.

Anyway, this is it for today! I’ll post soon enough other articles about Thailand! Sorry if you ended up with an “complain article”, but I did not know where to put that and I thought that it would be silly to post something not really related to food on this blog..!

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