Fly Cupcakes, Saigon

30 Aug

Another cupcakes post. I would quite appreciate to post more about French delicacies because even if cupcakes are really cute, it’s not the most amazing dessert you can have. Unfortunately, the only way I could get some good pastries in Vietnam is to go to a really posh hotel and pay 20$, or go to Nha Trang and eat a good waffle at Romy’s Italian Ice-cream, or to accommodate with average or not good pastries from Une journée à Paris (the French bakery in Saigon), or at the supermarket.
Anyway, Fly Cupcakes is the latest cupcake shop. When I first came to Saigon, it was not yet opened and it finally opened in spring (talking about Western spring).

When we went to Saigon to attend our cooking class (see my last post), we arrived too early, so we took some cupcakes to have some kind of breakfast (my second breakfast of the day) and eat them at Hoa Tuc before the beginning of the class. What was fun is that even if I was still a bit hungry after eating some cereals at home, I took this cupcake, and we actually started to have lunch at 10:30 at the cooking class. There, we just made each dish and eat it before making another one, so I ate some springrolls at 10:30am. This time I must admit I was kind of full.

Anyway, the location of Fly Cupcakes it great and the decorations are pretty cool.

Yesterday I showed you Warda and because of the dim light and the flash (only tried to be able to see something on the pictures) it gave such a bad result that I felt ashamed of. So today, I’m pretty proud of the perfect pictures I took of the shop (thanks to the clear decoration and the big windows). Furthermore, if you zoom on this picture with all the cupcakes, you can even read what’s written on the small black boards behind the cupcakes (pretty cool, right?).

They have those queen size cupcakes which are really beautiful! Each one costs 180 000 dongs (6,9€), but you can share them.

They have daily menus, with some cupcakes reappearing two days a week for instance. I was so disappointed to not be able to try the peanut butter one…

However, the Saturday was the day for the blueberry one, so I took it!

As you may remember, my friend is allergic to red fruits (well, she used to when she was a kid, now she is just disgusted of it because of her former allergy), so I had it all to myself, no sharing! Just for information, I am not a mean girl who is choosing stuffs with red fruits just to avoid sharing, we always share everything to try more stuffs!

So my blueberry was pretty nice, I truly miss red fruits (here it’s difficult to find some that are not expensive). The frosting tasted a bit like yogurt but it was cream cheese.

My friend took the one called “Choco boy”. It tasted vanilla and chocolate, simple one but it looked very cute! Really Japanese!

Cupcakes at Fly Cupcakes cost 38 000 dongs (1,45€) each.

Fly Cupcakes:

74E Hai Ba Trung,

District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.

(Cool website by the way)

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