Warda, Saigon

29 Aug

This restaurant is one of the arabic food restaurants in Saigon.

I quite like the location of it, in a small alley starting in Mac Thi Buoi, where you can find many other restaurants that all look nice.


It’s quiet (you sometimes think it’s a miracle to find quiet places in Vietnam), there aren’t any motorbikes on your way (the alley is way too small) and you pass in front of the nicest places in town.

Of course, Warda has one of the best decorations; there is a place outside with sofas, curtains and cushions where you can have dinner but there is also a place downstairs (maybe made for drinking) and a place upstairs to have dinner. Everything is under dim light, it looks pretty oriental but with a hint of kitsch (no worries, I love that).

That’s fun because when I write a post, I always do some research on the net to see if there is an official website, or to see what other people may say, and I went on the Gastronomy blog (pretty nice blog by the way) and the blogger thinks more or less the same thing as we did, so I feel like I’m stupidly repeating what she says (luckily we did not take the same dishes!).

Anyway, let’s start with the beginning of the dinner. With a friend, we took two mint teas (they served it in the same cute teapot which was full) and it was really nice, my other friend took a pineapple juice.

Then, I shared with the same friend some mezze, this way we could try many stuffs, so we took: one hummus, one green tabouleh, one yellow tabouleh, one kefta, one manoushe (only for her because I dislike this cheese) and one kibbeh (only for me because she doesn’t like lamb).

The hummus was tastier than at Casbah although not as good as I those I ate in the UK or in France.

It was served with carrots, cucumbers and three types of bread: pita bread, crispy bread and…….

The crispy bread (which was warm) was delicious (that’s also what the Gastronomy blogger said by the way)!

The green tabouleh was well done.

The yellow one was also good.

The kefta were excellent.

And my lamb stuffs were also pretty good, served with a tahini sauce.

The manoushe was like an omelette but apparently was nice.

Each mezze cost about 50 000 dongs (2€) so it was a nice way to eat diverse types of dishes without spending too much per person.

My other friend took a shawarma chicken. It was nice, although I wouldn’t have taken this (too much “street food” like and not enough posh for a restaurant). It cost 115 000 dongs (4,5€).

Then my friend and I both took two desserts to share (the other one preferred not to take anything because he is allergic to peanuts). The first one was almond cigars. There were four of them filled with almond custard. It cost 75 000 dongs (3€).

The other one consisted of three types of baklavas, one with almonds (and cardamom?), one with pistachios and rose, and one with chocolate and nuts. It was really good, our favourite one was the one with nuts. It cost 80 000 dongs (3,10€).

Mark: 4.5/5

Just a missing half point for the hummus. The rest of the diner was perfect.

Here is the post of the gastronomy blog about it:


Here is the Facebook page of the restaurant:


71/7 Mac Thi Buoi
District 1, Saigon

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