Recipe: Watermelon cold soup infused with Lady grey tea and Mint

27 Aug

So I decided to try to cook a few stuffs with the good fruits I can find here.

Watermelon is a really juicy fruit full of water, so I thought it would be easy to make soup with it.

It was not that easy actually, because watermelon, once cooked, is getting a tomato texture like.

Remember: I only have a rice cooker and a gas cooker (no oven!). So I thought I would cook some watermelon with Lady Grey tea and mint and then crush the pieces to have a soup.

I ended up with pieces of cooked watermelon floating in a juice, but it was not that bad.


One half (or a small) watermelon

One lime

Some mint

A Lady Grey teabag

One glass of water

So at first you need to boil water and add the teabag and the mint. While it is infusing, cut the watermelon (tough work when it comes to getting rid of the seeds) into small chunks. When the water tastes good enough, pull out the teabag and the mint, add the watermelon chunks and the lime juice and put the fire on a medium heat.

Cover the pan and leave it to cook for 20 minutes. When it is ready, put it out of the fire, leave the pan apart for it to cold and then put it in the fridge if you want a cold soup.

This gives me the soup you see here (although I did not pull out the mint).

For a healthier result, just blend the uncooked chunks with the mint (blended mint is pretty good), and the tea.

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