Nana’s Crepes, Saigon

27 Aug

This is a small shop inside the MOF Sweets & Coffee in the Crescent Mall in District 7.

MOF is providing Japanese sweets and so there they also provide some “Japanese crepes”.

In Japan you can find a lot of shops like this one with some arty-looking crepes. It’s more chic than in France, but never forget we invented it.

As you can see in the front of the shop there are some plastic crepes to know what the meal looks like (exactly the same as in Japan).

Here is the menu, sounds pretty interesting right? They don’t have simple crepes like in France (jam, or sugar, or nutella only), mine with Nutella had to have some almonds with it!

The waitress/cook used the same furniture as the one in France. Did you know that you actually need a training to cook crepes in France? Our crepes may not look as good as the Japanese ones, but we still take it pretty seriously! There is a specific technique to cook crepes on this furniture, and you also need to use specific tools. In France some sellers are so used to it that it’s sometimes really impressive to see how fast they’re doing it!

They present it really well and you can eat in. It’s also “cheap” because it costs about 1,5€ each one.

Here you can find the food shops that are not inside the food court like Nana’s crepes.

Inside the Crescent, there are many nice shops for clothes, like MIKI Classic or The Wardrobe Factory (I think it’s the name but I can’t find it on the website). The latter is a small shop which looks really posh from the outside. I bought there a dress and it’s actually pretty cheap (20€)! The owner is a former French teacher (Vietnamese woman) and she was really sweet to us. I warmly advise it to you!

If you want to eat crepes in the city centre (at 17/7 Le Thanh Ton), there is a French crêperie called La Crêperie Saigon, I did not try it and I don’t think I will have the time, but the place looks good (typically like in Brittany):

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