Temple Club, Saigon

26 Aug

Sorry for those of you who received an email with a new recipe but cannot find it on the blog, I am currently working on my future posts for when I’ll be travelling in Italy (this way you will still have something to read, and I will only have to click on “Publish”) and instead of clicking on “Save Draft” I just clicked on “Publish”. So this recipe will be kept secret until…September, 14th!
Anyway, in the meantime I have still many things to post (my agenda is full until October, 10th), so here is my review of a famous posh Vietnamese restaurant called Temple Club in Saigon.

As you can see, the decoration is gorgeous, it is a kind of a mix between a Western and an Asian indoor.

Unfortunately, we spotted a lot of dirt in the restaurant. The ceiling was full of dust and old spiders’ webs (you cannot imagine how many black spiders’ webs there were around the speakers!) and there were also cracks.

The menu sounds really appetizing, with every main around 5,50 and 6€.

I took a raspberry iced tea and my friend a Tiger beer. The tea was good, refreshing with a slight taste of raspberry. Both cost 45 000 dongs (1,70€).

I started with the steamed lemongrass and ginger clams in a claypot. It was served with a bowl of rice.
The dish was tasty, although there weren’t much to eat actually. I’m quite a big eater usually, and here the quantity of clams was below what you would expect. After seeing the plate, I understood why it cost only 110 000 dongs (4,30€).

My friend took a five spices pork. It was served with some lettuce, some herbs and some rolled rice dough.
I actually can’t really remember how Vietnamese call those rolls, but it’s like rice vermicelli cooked and stuck together to make a square. They often tint them (purple for instance) and you can have them served with Bo La Lot for instance (post coming in the next few months). It cost 150 000 dongs (5,83€).

The lettuce is here to be rolled with the rice vermicelli dough, the herbs, and obviously the pork.
Those rolls were really tasty! But once again, the quantity was not here.

I then had to take a chocolate crepe, I was still starving. There were some Vietnamese desserts, but they were not to my taste. The crepe was really expensive compared to the mains. It was well done, but 165 000 dongs (6,40€), really ?

Here is the bill. I thought it would be more expensive but it’s more or less the same price as most Western restaurants in Saigon (except for the crepe which is for me at least like a crime against French gastronomy).

Mark: 2,5/5
Disappointed by the quantity, the dirt and the price of the crepe.

Temple Club:
29-31 Ton That Thiep
District 1, Saigon

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