Le Tigre de Papier, Siem Reap

25 Aug

On our last lunch at Siem Reap, we were looking for a good restaurant to fulfill our desire for Cambodian food. The streets were all empty; it really felt like a Sunday morning.

Because we weren’t able to eat a barbecue the night before, we headed to Le Tigre de Papier, a Cambodian restaurant making Khmer barbecues.

The place is pretty cool and has two entrances, one on Pub Street and one on Street 8.

I took a lemon iced tea which was tasty and my friend took a Tiger beer.

So the barbecue was fun, we asked to do it ourselves but ended up with the waitress doing it for us until everything was cooked.

The particularity of this barbecue was that everything was cooked with coconut butter. It smelled really strong and at first I thought that I wouldn’t be able to eat it (a lot of butter, a lot of smell, and I am not a fan of coconut), but once cooked, everything was a bit salty and buttery, and you couldn’t taste the strong smell of the butter. The waitress used at least 100gr of butter!

The barbecue was served with beef (we asked for it), but you could choose among many other meats and even take a mix of meats.

We had also a lot of vegetables: peppers, cabbage, onions, cauliflower… and also some fried rice.

The barbecue cost 11$ for two and the drinks 1,50$ (tea) and 2$.

Mark: 4/5

Nice and cheap food. I would have liked to cook by myself and use less butter.

Le Tigre de Papier:

Pub Street,

Old French Quarter, Siem Reap


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