Wood Cafe, Bien Hoa

23 Aug

Another great café in Bien Hoa near Saigon.

The place looks like a place for parents and their children with many cuddly toys everywhere. All the decoration is made of wood (floors, walls, furniture) and everyone has to remove his shoes at the entrance.


I was once stolen a brand new pair of trainers in a pagoda in Dalat (after only two weeks in Vietnam), so I’m always careful now when I have to do it (getting paranoid but the pagoda was nearly empty and the monk told us that people were even stealing stuffs from the pagoda, like a big bell of more than a hundred kilos!).
Anyway, be careful if you have a nice pair of shoes when going to a pagoda!

Lucky me, I can now read in Vietnamese (well, not everything but I know how to say milk, orange, juice, tea, hot and cold so if ever I’m lost, I know that I can still rely on those drinks) and order also in Vietnamese!

This café had just opened and the employees were then in hurry and doing one drink at a time (there was only one blender…). I got my strawberry smoothie quickly, but one of my friends had to wait 20min to be served!

So, I should have expected it, the smoothie was not a proper smoothie as usual in Vietnam, it was more a milk and strawberries shake. To get a proper strawberry smoothie, I should have taken a strawberry juice. You will never see a café in Vietnam where the menu clearly says that the smoothie contains milk or yogurt because for them it is a proper smoothie, so everyone should understand what’s inside.

Maybe we should launch a campaign to teach café owners that a juice is made with squeezed fruits and smoothies with blended fruits and that none of them is made with milk, unless you specify it in the menu…

One of my friends took a warm coffee (so unusual here where the “Cafe sua da” (coffee with condensed milk and ice) is the national drink!) which looked pretty European.

Anyway, Wood Café is a cosy and warm place. I loved the fact of being seated on big cushions on the floor and feeling the wood (not used to it anymore after 5 months of carpet in the UK and 5 months of tiles in Vietnam). The drinks were good, consistent and cheap.

Wood Cafe:
165 Nguyen Ai Quoc
Tan Tien, Bien Hoa

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