Temple Club, Siem Reap

22 Aug

After going to Miss Wong for a few cocktails, we wanted to eat so we headed to Pub Street.

There, there are many cool and crowded places but we were instantly attracted by Temple Club because of their barbecues. It smelled good and looked way cheaper than the other restaurants we had seen before.

The location is really cute, with a good wooden decoration.

Unfortunately, a bunch of Chinese men (they were like 10) took all the barbecues and hotpots available, so we had to choose something else.

Lucky me, there was this incredible Cambodian dish with Khmer flat noodles (love it), which is maybe called Mee Katang. It cost 3,50$.

My friend took a grilled fish with a sauce and some fresh vegetables called Teug Kroung and it was tasty too. It cost 4$.

I am still wondering what the name of the restaurant is. On the bill, there is written Golden Temple Villa, but I could not find anything about it on Google (except a hostel). Furthermore, the place had two restaurants, ours downstairs and another one upstairs with Cambodian dancers. I found on Google map that the exact place where we were was called Temple Club and the photos on Trip Advisor showed a similar place to the one where we’ve been.

Mark: 4/5

Nice place, a bit crowded and the waiters were a in a hurry. The food was good and cheap.

Temple Club:
Pub Street (between Street 11 and Hospital Street)
Old French quarter, Siem Reap

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