Touch of Lime: Angkor Sayana Hotel’s restaurant

21 Aug

On our first evening in Siem Reap we were nearly sleeping on the bed while waiting for the time to eat.

Lazy as we were, we just headed downstairs and tried the hotel’s restaurant.

Our hotel was the Angkor Sayana Hotel, located in front of the river, just at the corner of Samdech Tep Vong Street. The hotel was amazing, the decoration was nice and the employees were sweet… Everything was perfect there, I warmly recommend it.

Its restaurant is called Touch of Lime and is directed by Sith Vichea, a Cambodian chef.

I found an article about him on the hotel’s website:, where he gives a delicious-looking recipe.

We actually did not know the restaurant was called Touch of Lime and that there was a true chef inside. We just had a look at the menu just to check if it looked good, and went inside.

We were the only people inside (ouch!) but we soon discovered how amazing the food was.

I think that most people, even if they are highly regarding the hotel, don’t really think of going into its restaurant because they’re here for travelling and discovering new dishes.

The restaurant made some Khmer food but there were mostly Asian-European fusion dishes.

They also offer a full Khmer menu for 14$ (it’s worth the price).

I found out that the hotel’s employees posted a lot of pictures of the restaurant’s dishes on the Trip Advisor page, some Western dishes don’t look good (I did not remember there were so many foreign mains), but you can have a look at what we ordered with my friend (although it seems way smaller on both pictures than in reality). Unfortunately, I quite understand why they have such a variety of food, it’s a hotel restaurant (and not from a 5 stars hotel), so I guess that the majority of people going there want to eat Western food with children and quickly go to bed.

Apparently I cannot put the Trip Advisor’s address in a link, so you’ll need to copy paste to go there!

It would be cool if the restaurant could become a place in itself with people staying in other hotels coming there on purpose. The Angkor Sayana is just across the road of the famous hotel La Résidence d’Angkor which also looks astonishing but is quite expensive compared to the Angkor Sayana. However, I think having a cocktail there is quite famous. Remember, if you’re having a Singapore Sling at La Résidence d’Angkor, don’t bother trying their restaurant and head directly to my dear Touch of Lime (if I start to call it “dear” it means that in a few months I’ll be sincerely missing the main I ate there, although I’ve already thought about how to make it myself at home!).

Trip Advisor also makes me think I’m quite stupid for not having tried some Khmer desserts there which look incredible (we were too full to eat a dessert!).

We were actually not that hungry when we ordered diner because of the ice-cream we had at the Blue Pumpkin at the end of the day (bad, bad Blue Pumpkin and its mean employees… see my last post about that:

We had some free grilled bread at first, it was delicious, we did not wait for the main to arrive to finish it.

As you may have understood, I was quite torn between discovering local food and having my weekly Western food’s refill. I just headed for a healthy meal that looked good enough so I took the Herbs crushed seabass with spinach and a squash risotto (don’t actually remember what kind of squash it was, though I remember it was not a bright orange one nor a sweet one).

The fish was perfectly cooked, the spinach were tasty, and the risotto… I actually cannot put my words on it. I am a perfect cook for risotti (never forget I’m Italian, right? The first risotto I made was on telephone advice from my mother while I was at high school and I didn’t fail), and after eating zucca ravioli (pumpkin ravioli) a few years ago in Italy, I always thought that the salty/squash mix was not of my favourites (unless mashed or in a soup).

Here, it was a sort of mashed squash with a bit of risotto inside (not risotto with pieces of squash as I supposed it would be) and this combination was delicious.

My friend took red pork chops, there was a sweet and sour sauce with it and mashed potatoes. It was delicious too!

Mark: 5/5

Everything was perfect, my friend even told the waiter to congratulate the chef for us, nothing more to say!

Touch of Lime:

Corner River Road & Samdech Tep Vong Street,

Wat Bo Village, Sala Kamroeuk Commune,

Siem Reap

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