Rolling the Vietnamese way

20 Aug


Rolling food is one of the main components of Vietnam’s gastronomy.
Usually, you use rice paper, but you can also use lettuce or mustard leaves.

It’s quite a basic concept, but it it good, healthy and can look as a posh dish to serve as a starter.

Here is a post about basic rolling, meaning the fresh springrolls. I’ll tell you about rolling other types of food later.

The main ingredients to make a fresh springroll are: grated carrots and cucumbers, mint, omelet, cooked rice vermicelli and sometimes a bit of grilled sliced pork.

Firstly, you ought to wet a bit the rice paper (not too much if you want to be able to close it without breaking it).

You need to add all the ingredients one by one and carefully, to be sure the springroll won’t be too big.

Then there is a special technique to roll properly; start rolling around and then fold the bottom before closing the springroll.




I know another one where you need to fold the two sides of the rice papers near the centre, and then roll a third side (not folded) all along the limit of the two other sides. I think this technic is way better than the other.

Then you just need to dip your springroll. Most of the time, you will have a sauce made with peanuts, water, sugar and nuoc mam (fish sauce).

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