Angkor Palm, Siem Reap

19 Aug

This was our first meal in Siem Reap. We did not know where to start and the restaurant seemed to offer a good spot with nice food.

We ordered the platter for two with two small starters, four small dishes, two bowls of rice and two desserts. It seemed to be a good offer because we could try a lot of dishes for one lunch and we were staying in Cambodia for only three days.

The terrace of the restaurant is really pretty. However, the inside looks like a cheap buffet restaurant.

I took one lemon juice.

The platter’s presentation is really nice. We had some fresh springrolls and a green mango salad, both were good and fresh.

We then had the main platter with curry, pork ribs, fish amok and water spinach. I quite dislike those boiled water spinach in general so I did not bother trying them (Vietnamese people also eat a lot of that, and I always have some at my canteen).

The curry, the fish amok and the pork ribs (not really Cambodian, it’s true) were tasty.

My friend fell in love with all those boiled water spinach and seemed happy each time she could eat some. So she finished the veggies and left me the end of the pork ribs and curry.

At the end we had a banana dessert, typically South-Asian with coconut milk, I did not eat it because I hate bananas so I left it to my friend who liked it.

It is a bit pricy (14$ for two), but mostly everything is pricy in Siem Reap because of the dollar system. We actually saw only one restaurant there which looked good (not meaning street food) that had mains for 3$. Most of the restaurants had mains at a price of about 5-7$. If I compare it to Vietnamese prices we actually paid about 150 000 dongs (6€) for a whole lunch per person, so it’s quite cheaper than the posh Vietnamese restaurants in Saigon.

Mark: 4/5

It was a good start. Did not pay attention to the waiters.

Angkor Palm:

Hospital Street

Siem Reap

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