White Bakery, Bien Hoa

16 Aug

Here is a discovery near my place. I haven’t told you yet but I live in Bien Hoa City at 30km from Saigon.

It’s a huge city of about 1 million people and it seems to me that it is as big as Paris.

There isn’t any specific city centre, so you can find shops, supermarkets, restaurants everywhere.

At the beginning we thought there weren’t much interesting restaurants near the house, but little by little we discovered there were many places.

White Bakery is one of those. It is inspired by many Western cafes and you can find a lot like this one in Saigon. It is specialised in ice blended drinks and cupcakes, although there is not a proper cupcakes’ menu because it changes daily.

The place is really cool and there are always a lot of young Vietnamese.

They make the classic coffee ice-blended but also some with fruits and yogurt.

I wanted to take one with chocolate, but I made a mistake, there is one called chocolate and one called chocolate flavour. I took the chocolate flavour, and it was a coffee blended with a chocolate flavour (although it wasn’t in the coffee section of the menu). Bad luck for me, I hate coffee.

One of my friends took a caramel and coffee and finished mine too.

Another one took a Cookies and cream blended, which is made with Oreos and it was good.

There was also a special blended that day, matcha and chocolate, that one of my friends ordered and it was, though I did not expect it, delicious. I am now always looking for it when going to this bakery!

I also ate a chocolate and vanilla frosting cupcake. The frosting was good, but the cake was a bit dry and old.

Last week they cooked doughnuts instead of cupcakes, I did not try them (not a big fan of doughnuts) but it’s nice to know they offer diverse types of pastries. They (one advantage of being White in Bien Hoa) also offered us a piece of cake last week, which was (I think) a vanilla cake, with a layer of vanilla butter cream in the middle and on top of the piece and a blueberry coulis. It was so nice eating some blueberry coulis! It was really kind of them to give us this piece of cake. The waiter just came to us with it and said “Thank you for coming”. I love being given free food; I always say that I’d rather have a pain au chocolat three times per week than a jewel.

There is another kind of café like this one on Vo Thi Sau (the street prolonging Duong Tu Giang where the White Bakery is located), it is held by a Vietnamese guy who seems to have been living in the USA or Australia for most of his life. They sell a lot of cakes, cupcakes and cheesecake, but we went there late, so we just took some ice-blended. I don’t have any picture of the place because I did not have my camera with me. It’s too bad because this bakery is a bit far away from home, so we need to take the taxi if we want to go there!

Just next to the White Bakery, there is a Western food restaurant where we often go, Gecko. They also own one in Hanoi. The owner is really nice and the food is diverse and good.

We often see foreigners near those two streets (Western people, Japanese, foreigners from Vietnam…), it’s pretty cool because we feel too often that Vietnamese people are not used to seeing us, even though we’ve been living for five months at the same place, going to the same restaurants and cafes, there are always people staring at us.

White Bakery:

Dương Tử Giang

Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

One Response to “White Bakery, Bien Hoa”

  1. gwennguyenn August 17, 2012 at 03:16 #

    When I went to Vietnam people always stared at me too – even though I am Vietnamese! So no need to feel weird 😛

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