Miss Wong, Siem Reap

15 Aug



Another post about a bar, but this time it is one located in Siem Reap.

To get there, you need to enter in a small passage (The Lane) between Hospital street and Street 11. It becomes suddenly quiet and really cute.







You cannot miss the entrance of Miss Wong, it is colourful and bright with a lot of red lanterns.

The inside is also beautiful with a kind of old Shanghai decoration. The name Miss Wong is inspired by a painting from Vladimir Tretchikoff.

Here is an extract of the menu. There is a long list of cocktails, going from the basics to some originals like those ones.A

There is also a menu to eat a bit of Dim Sum of you’re hungry.

I took an Apricot and Kaffir Lime Martini (pineapple, apricot and kaffir lime infused gin, apricot liqueur and lime juice) and my friend a Singapore Sling (gin, benedictine, triple sec, cherry brandy,orange juice, lime, soda).

My cocktail was great but way too strong for me, I would have preferred to have only a slight taste of alcohol and to really feel all the flavours. The Singapore Sling was good too, but too strong for me also.
I’m not a big fan of alcohol, unless it is well mixed inside a cocktail.
Mine cost 5$ and the Singapore Sling 4,50$. I would have liked to try the Cherry blossom (Jinro Soju, cherry brandy, coconut syrup and vanilla syrup), the China White (Jasmine tea syrup, lychees, gin and cinzano bianco) or the Rose and Lemongrass Martini (rose petal syrup, lemon grass infused vodka, vodka and rose petals).

I must have been very tired when ordering because I just noticed that almost every cocktail has at least two alcohols inside but only one soft to balance. Because of the lack of comas in the menu, I thought that my Apricot cocktail had pineapple and apricot juices, but it was only a gin infused with apricot, pineapple and kaffir lime!

So it cost us us 9,50$ for two cocktails which is a good price for such a place with good alcohols.

Miss Wong:
The Lane
Siem Reap

NB: sorry for the lack of details in the address, but apparently Cambodians are not fond of giving names and numbers to their streets.

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