Saigon Saigon bar

13 Aug

My first post about a bar, and what a bar!

I was hanging out in Saigon with some friends and we were looking for a rooftop bar. We wanted to go to the Sheraton and ended up inside the Caravelle Hotel.

There was a great atmosphere up there and we could here from the theatre the music.

The terrace is pretty and cosy. The cocktails were between 160 000 (6-7,7€) and 200 000 dongs (expensive, but not that much compared to the ChillSky Bar on the top of the AB Tower with its 300 000 dongs cocktails (more than 10€)).

There’s a direct view on the Bitexco tower, however, even if the hotel is close to the city office and the theatre, we cannot see them from the terrace, too bad.

I actually quite don’t remember the cocktail I took, although I know it was made with lychees and it was really strong.

One of my friend took a mango mojito (delicious!) and the other one a Singapore Sling (strong also).

Only two troubles with this evening: the waiter brought us two different menus and depending on which one you were looking at, you did not have the same choice or the same prices. My cocktail’s price was now 30 000 dongs more and I had already ordered. The waiter just told us that one of the menus was an old one.

Second problem: it started to rain… So we had to rush inside and thus had no place to sit.

The waiter had such trouble finding everyone who was on the terrace before! So she asked us to pay quickly (we understood, with all the mess around us it could have been easy to get out without paying).

Anyway, it was a good experience with original cocktails. It’s also difficult to find cheap cocktails if you want a good alcohol inside, so you need to pay “European prices”. If you want really cheap alcohol in Saigon, head to the backpackers’ district, there you can have gin tonics for 30 000 dongs (1,1€).

Caravelle Hotel:

19, Lam Son
District 1, Saigon

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