Wrap & Roll

11 Aug

This is a Vietnamese chain which is specialised in rolling.
Rolling is a kind of Vietnamese’s habit. There are many Vietnamese specialties that have to be eaten by rolling them like spring rolls with raw vegetables (Banh Xeo or Bo La Lot for instance).
I will post something about that soon enough by the way.


For once, it was not a complete disaster (remember my last post about Pho 24 and I also had trouble with Jollibee, a fastfood where you eat as much as a children’s menu). I actually love Wrap & Roll.

Of course it is more expensive than streetfood, but you have a real chair, a real table, aircon and a wide range of specialties.
The places do not have a specific decoration, it is simple, with the brand’s codes.

The menu offers things you can roll by yourself, things that are already rolled, and some dishes like Com Tam or Bun thit nuong.
The first time I came there I was with two friends who were both finishing their trip in Vietnam by Saigon. Thus, I wanted them to be able to try some Vietnamese dishes they did not try before, and Wrap & Roll was the perfect place for that.

We decided to take two dishes per person and all started with cuon bun cha Ha Noi, it is grilled pork served with rice vermicelli and vegetables.

It was really good; it is the kind of meat you have to roll by yourself inside the rice paper with salad, carrots… I was a bit surprised because they brought us the rice paper without water and rice paper not wet is like eating plastic. Of course it gets wet when you dip it into the sauce, but the sauce we had weren’t our favourite ones unfortunately. So I asked for tap water, the waiters looked at me strangely, but they brought it and did not charge us for that. It cost 72 000 dongs (2,76€).

Then I took some vegetarian samosa (not really Vietnamese, right?), one of my friends took a Bun thit nuong cha gio and the other one took a Banh cuon nhan thit.

My samosas were good. They gave me stuff to roll it, but how can I roll a triangle?

The Bun thit nuong cha gio was as good as usual (I came back there since that day). What I like with the sauce is that, contrarily to some Bun street sellers, it does not have a rancid taste. It cost 65 000 dongs (2,5€).

And finally, the Banh cuon nhan thit was excellent. I love those kinds of pho rolls, made with the rice noodles’ dough (what they call at the restaurant: “steamed rice crepes”). It had enough taste, and on top were some fried oignons, so it gave a crunchy hint to the whole dish. It cost 38 000 dongs (1,40€).

I completely forgot to take pictures of the bill, but luckily I took some pictures of the menu!

Mark: 4.5/5

The only “trouble” is the waiters, usually not nice enough, though not mean.

There are many locations. However, they don’t have any in the North of the country, only in Saigon. Too bad!
You can see the menu and the locations on the website:


I personally went to this one:
Wrap & Roll:
111, Nguyen Hue St,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

2 Responses to “Wrap & Roll”

  1. gwennguyenn August 12, 2012 at 20:34 #

    I love rolls! They’re easy, quick, and always super healthy since they’re loaded with veggies.It’s great how they give you a step-by-step guide on how to roll. The Vietnamese restaurants in Toronto need something like that because I always see people struggling lol

    • eatingmodern August 12, 2012 at 21:08 #

      Indeed! It’s really refreshing and original (a basic thing you can do for a dinner with friends or family but that will always look chic and original)

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