Pho 24

10 Aug


Pho 24 is one of the Vietnamese « fastfood » chains. It is only focusing on diverse types of pho, and also making springrolls.
When my friend arrived in Hanoi, I wanted to make her try the pho bo, but because she was afraid of streetfood, we headed to Pho 24.





The inside is not perfect, but it’s still better than a plastic chair on the street (furthermore when it is 50cm tall!).



I took an orange juice and my friend a Tiger beer. 32 000 dongs for the juice and 24 000 for the beer (both around 1€).



So we both took two pho bo. There were many meats you could choose like chicken, or hatched eggs (…..).

I wanted to take the Bun cha gio (cold noodles with vegetables and fried springrolls), but apparently it was available only for lunch. What’s weird is that the menu on Pho 24’s website is way wider than the one we got in Hanoi.



Anyway, here is the pho bo. First disappointment, it was not Pho Ha Noi, it was the Southern Pho which I’m not used to (the Pho Ha Noi is tastier).

Then, I realised that I had only a few noodles. The pho cost 49 000 dongs (1,88€) so it was really expensive (in the street it is usually 25 000 dongs, 1€) but I had nothing in my soup compared to my local streetfood pho! The waiters brought us those small plates you see on the picture of the drinks with not much choice on it, only lime, chillies and bean sprouts.

I have twice as much near my place! And furthermore, we had to share one for two because my neighbour stole mine!

Apart from the broth that was not tasty, the price and the few noodles, what was the matter? Well, have a look at the piece of beef they gave us…  My pho guy gives us only fresh meat from great parts of the beef that always looks like steaks. Here you have fat and cheap parts, but nearly for twice the price.

In one word, Pho 24 is not worth it at all. They even made us pay the refreshing towels.

Consequently, my pho guy is even cooler than I thought!



Here is the bill, 158 000 dongs (6€) for two pho and two drinks is quite expensive…


Here you can see the menu and locations:


Mark: 1/5

I’m giving just one point for the place.


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