KOTO, restaurant and cafe in Hanoi

8 Aug

This is one of my favourite places in Hanoi. KOTO means Know One Teach One.

It is held by an Australian association to help young people in difficulties finding a job and being trained for cooking or catering. There are many associations like that all over South-East Asia, but this is the first one I’ve been to (also notice the Sesame Ecole Hôtelière in Binh Thanh in Saigon, I always see it while travelling in buses but never stopped by).

The outside looks pretty design.

The inside (we went upstairs because downstairs is the place where you have lunch or dinner and we were only there to have a drink and a cake) is pretty cosy with a lot of pillows everywhere. There was one French couple with us who were basically sleeping on their bench, I must say I was a bit embarrassed because they seemed to be in an intimate moment, and that happened to be just in front of us, but you can see how the place is comfy!

Anyway, I took a Tropical Smoothie (with mango and pineapple?) which was good. At first I wanted to try something else, but it was out of stock, so I headed for this juice. It cost 50 000 dongs (2€).

Anyway, I wanted cakes. I saw some downstairs in a refrigerated glass furniture, but they did not look that good. I asked then for the list of cakes (which weren’t in the menu), and it was on a slate which I had noticed but I did not thought it was the cakes, it was written many stuffs like chocolate mousse, lemon crème brûlée, but not chocolate cake or something. Well, the waiter told me that those were the cakes. So I tried the lemon crème brûlée (don’t know why because it does not sound really appealing). And it was not a cake with a taste or an effect of a crème brûlée, it was a real crème brûlée!

It was really tasty and crunchy on top! I felt like I was Amélie Poulain making noise while breaking the crème brûlée’s crust. It cost 30 000 dongs (a bit more than 1€).

Here you’ll find the bill. My friend took a big bottle of San Pellegrino which was expensive, 60 000 dongs (more than 2€) but imported so…

Mark: 4/5
I liked the place, but I’d also like to try it for a lunch or a dinner!


59, Van Mieu
Dong Da District, Hanoi


NB: I saw that they have a restaurant in Saigon, at the limit between Districts 1 and 3, so I may try it some time soon!

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