Seafood in Vietnam

7 Aug

In Vietnam, you can eat seafood almost everywhere for nothing.
This is fun also (and a bit scary) because you usually find it on streetfood shops, in some basins filled with ice.
Sometimes when it get a bit posher, you can find them in aquariums!
Then you just have to choose which one you want (there is always the kilo price or the plate’s price) and how do you want to eat it (sometimes they don’t bother asking you).

Above, you can see some shells I ate, for 35 000 dongs (which is about 1.35€) in the street in Mui Ne (a seaside city). It was cooked with garlic and herbs, and had a taste (and a smell) of fried steak (still wondering why but it was delicious!). My friends took the shrimps.

Below, you can see some raw urchins I ate on a boat in Nha Trang. It was a bit expensive but had been fished especially for me while we were snorkeling. At first I was a bit frightened cause I had seen a documentary a few years ago, about Korean women snorkeling without any tool and fishing sea urchins, and it looked like sea scallops’ corals. But here it looked like snails. Anyway, it was fresh and it tasted like the sea. They gave us lime to put on top.

There are also a lot of places where you can eat seafood barbecues, mostly on the beaches (if you happen to go to Nha Trang or Mui Ne, I warmly advise you to go there!).

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