Casbah, Saigon

6 Aug

Back from Thailand where I spent my weekend! I could not post this while I was there so here it is!

On one Sunday, I was looking for a place to eat because many places close for Sunday lunch in Saigon. I finally headed to Casbah to try some oriental food.

The restaurant is located near the cathedral and you get there by going through a small, weird but charming passage, where you forget you are in the middle of the busy Saigon.

I took many pictures of the place because it is really lovely. There you can take a shisha.

My table was behind the pearl curtains.

There was another room behind mine.

Here is the menu.  I only took the “Taste of the Middle East” part, because what you see is the only oriental food they have. After that you can find some pasta for instance. I was a bit disappointed about that, when I eat at a restaurant called Casbah with such a decoration, I am not expecting to have such a limited choice of oriental food.

I started with a Tango mango juice, with watermelon and mango (or strawberry? don’t really remember..).


I then took two mezze, one baba ganoush and one hummus. The hummus is the one of the right side (I took the picture telling myself to not forget that). As you can see, they both had more or less the same colour, which did not cheer me up. It cost 60 000 dongs (about 2.2€ which is a bit expensive).

The hummus had the right texture but was lacking spices and thus taste. I have never eaten hummus elsewhere than at home (buying some Tesco or Monoprix hummus), or at my local Lebanese restaurant (in France I mean) or at some Lebanese street food sellers so I am not an expert, but this hummus did not have the same taste as the others.
I even though at the beginning that it was the baba ganoush because I did not recognise the taste! It cost 65 000 dongs (about 2.5€).

Same trouble with the baba ganoush, although I’ve never eaten (as far as I remember) some. But you could feel that it was at least missing some salt. It cost 65 000 dongs (about 2.5€).
Both mezze were accompanied with bread, which was good but not exceptional.

So here it the bill!

Mark: 2/5
The place is charming but I did think I lost money, although I only spent about 7€.
I think the best way to enjoy the place is to go there with a bunch of friends, and take a shisha with some drinks. It is really a cool spot to relax.


57, Nguyen Du
District 1, Saigon

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