Orchid, Hanoi

1 Aug

First post about Hanoi! I went there one weekend (and took two days off) in the beginning of July.
I was a bit disappointed because the city was really big but at the same time I did not find there were much cool places to have dinner.
Also my friend who met me there was on a strict diet, and was afraid of street food (event though she perfectly knows I’m eating street food that is not at all in a touristic place everyday and I’ve never had any trouble with that). So the amount of places where we could eat was really limited.

We discovered this place accidentally, and thought it looked good.

The restaurant seems to be the perfect inbetween for people wanting to avoid streetfood but at the same time avoiding expensive restaurants. They also offer cooking lessons!

At first I took a lemon juice and my friend took a Hanoi beer. My juice cost 30 000 dongs (a bit more than 1€) and the beer cost 25 000 dongs (1€).

I then wanted to try the green papaya salad but thought it would not be big enough, so I took steamed pork springrolls.

It was filled with rice vermicelli, pork and mushrooms (at least it’s what I thought, but the picture does not seem to say the same stuff as I do).
The springroll looks “greasy”, but it’s only the steam you can see around the cooked rice paper! It cost 55 000 dongs (a bit more than 2€).

The salad was good too. The waiters didn’t warn me that the sauce was spicy so when the course arrived, they just asked me if I had any trouble with the spicy stuffs. The waiter then told me to try it, and if it was too spicy, they would change it. I think they should have asked first, when I was ordering, but it was a nice attention. So they changed the course and everything was ok. The salad was really consistent.

There were green papaya, carrots, peanuts, and some kind of dry marinated meat. It cost 55 000 dongs (a bit more than 2€).

Finally, my friend took a claypot with eggplant and mushrooms. She had a bowl of steamed rice with it. It was good although not one of my favourite meals! It cost 65 000 dongs (2.50€).

Here is the bill! 250 000 dongs (10€) for two people, that’s a great first dinner! Don’t pay attention to the bill, it has not the same name as the restaurant!


25, Hang Bac Street
Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

And the link of both restaurants and cooking class:


I warmly advise you to take a cooking class in Vietnam even if you’re only visiting! You’ll learn a lot about culture and gastronomy, I think that’s worth at least two pagodas’ visits!

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