Where to eat in Nha Trang (part 4)? Le Cabanon

29 Jul

Last post about Nha Trang! This is a small one, where we used to have breakfast.



The place is nice, it has a French name although I’m wondering if the owner is not Australian or has been living in Australia for a while, considering loads of Australian stuffs I’ve seen in the menu.

I took a “pancake”. Once again, huge problem when you order pancakes in Vietnam, you never know what to expect. here I had a mix between a pancake and a crepe. But you can still eat it. It’s too bad however that they don’t offer it with chocolate. There is the choice between lime/honey or banana. It cost 40 000 dongs (approximately 1,60€). I had an mango juice with it (35 000 dongs, 1,40€). The mango was ripe enough, yeaah!

My friend took a continental breakfast, which is bread with jam and butter. The bread was hot but doesn’t look that good. It cost 30 000 dongs (a bit more than 1€). She took an orange juice to go along with the food, and it looked good (35 000 dongs).

Here is the bill!

Mark: 2.5/5

We did not see much places to have breakfast around our hotel. The food is ok with an average price.

Le Cabanon:

6KA Hung Vuong
Nha Trang

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