Fast food: Lotteria

29 Jul

One of the most present fast-foods in Vietnam apart from KFC is Lotteria. You usually see a Lotteria when you see a KFC by the way. I went to the one in Bien Hoa to try out this Korean fast-food.



The inside is not much particular, a bit like every fast-food chain throughout the world.

Here is the menu. As you can see, it is really cheap compared to Carl Jr’s for example (but also to KFC). For instance, a Bulgogi combo (Bulgogi is a marinated and grilled Korean meat) is 64 000 dongs (2.50€) without taxes.

They also offer some Vietnamese dishes, here a grilled beef with rice (Com thit bo), and they translate all their menus in Vietnamese.  They offer much more drinks than KFC (I hate sparkling drinks so having the choice with Milo -the Asian Nesquik-, Iced Lipton tea or Lemon juice is great). It’s still not expensive, between 15-20 000 dongs (1,70€).

Here is what I took. I wanted to try out the Bulgogi burger (which is the only Korean stuff in the menu), but apparently there weren’t any combo I could take with it. So I took the burger itself, which cost 46 000 dongs (1,84€), some cheese sticks (28 000 dongs=  1.12€) and a salad cup (we’re never eating fruits and vegetables during the week) which cost 25 000 dongs (1€).


Well, I must admit that it looks pretty small for 99000 dongs (4€)!


Here is my burger, and in addition to being small, it is a bit cheap. The bread really looks cheap, it disintegrates in your hands while you’re eating. The meat is much tastier and softer than at Mcdonald’s but the whole burger is really built higgledy-piggledy (love that word).

Now the cheese sticks. Well, it wasn’t that tasty, there wasn’t much salt added to the preparation (we can only thank Lotteria to not add salt everywhere), and the breading and the so-called cheese were tastyless. The cheese wasn’t melty enough.

Here is what one of my friends took.  It’s a combo. The chips didn’t look that bad and it was more consistent than the burger.


They also make a Rice burger, with a bread made with rice instead of wheat. No one tried it (we already eat too much rice all week long so we’re happy when eating a bit of Western food), but I think I may try it if I go back there!





They also offer what they call the “Brunch time” which is not a brunch but more a breakfast if we have a loot at the time  schedule. And the food, is not particularly the one used for a breakfast or brunch.. It’s only reductions on some combos! But if you want to eat cheese sticks with a chocolate-milk drink at 9am, you know where to go! I am personally waiting for the day when I’ll be able to eat my dear Bacon & Egg McMuffin with a cup of tea for the breakfast (and then ordering three others cause I’m still hungry/greedy).


Here you can see the Desserts’ menu, with everything but desserts (I mean, do you really eat cheese sticks, salads or even shrimp balls in a glass of Coke as desserts?).

Because of the size of my menu, I was still hungry so I took a Chocolate Tornado, some kind of McFlurry (which is an ice-cream, thus a dessert but they preferred putting it in the Drinks’ menu). They had one with peanuts, one with strawberry, and I’m still wondering what were the two others (written in Vietnamese). It cost 22 000 dongs (less than 1€).

Mark: 3/5

I’m not really comparing it to other places I’ve been to, it’s a mark for a fast-food restaurant, don’t forget.

Even if everything looks cheap, it’s a fast-food restaurant, so you’re not going to come to have the biggest burger ever.

The prices are not expensive but it makes sense when you see the size of what your ordered.

You can find all their addresses and menus on their website: . Yesterday their website has been hacked, so I advise you to be c/areful when going there!

There are a lot of other fast-food chains in Vietnam.
Jollibee is one of the cheapest but the food is not good at all and really small (I went there once and took a burger, one of my friends took spaghetti and it looked like a children’s meal).

I have been many times to KFC but the only new thing about it here is that they offer Vietnamese meals and a lot of spicy food. I could tell you about it, but I have more posts to do than the number of days remaining before my departure, so I’d rather focus on something more useful!

There are no McDonald’s here, we sometimes say it’s because of the lack of infrastructure here (chicken might be easier to transport for KFC than beef). However, there are two Burger Kings, one in Da Nang airport near the boarding gates (still wondering why they put it there, it looks like an international airport but I’m sure Hanoi must have more traffic even though it looks like a small airport) and one at the entrance of the international airport of Saigon. Haven’t tried it yet, I was too lazy to walk from the Domestic arrivals to the International Departures and just wanted to come home. But they just offer the same stuffs as in England.

PS (03/09/2012): Today I tried the rice burger in Bien Hoa City, and it is not a bun made with rice flour, but it is real (nearly sticky) rice topped with sesame seeds and a rice paper. Because the rice was a bit sticky, the hamburger was not crumbling, so it was ok.

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