Vietnamese drinks

25 Jul

So, here is my post about some of the drinks I encountered those past few months.

The most famous Vietnamese drink is, apart from Tra Da, Sting. It’s an energy soda made by Pepsico which is “only sold in Vietnam” (well, I found some in Cambodia, and according to the Wikipedia, you can find it in Pakistan, but nevermind). It has been developed in different tastes, but the most famous is the strawberry one. Each time you ask for a Sting in a bar, they will give you the strawberry, without even asking. Thus, I have never tasted the yellow one which is made with ginseng (it’s the original recipe without any real taste).
I am personnally disappointed because in many restaurants in Vietnam you cannot find it (only on the streets or supermarkets) and it’s worse in the North of the country! I twice wanted to make it try to some friends who were visiting me, but I never got the occasion. Such a pity!

There are some other famous drinks in Vietnam like C2, or 02 (I call it 02 but it’s written like 0o) which are iced teas (C2 is made with different tastes also like orange, lemon, strawberry, apple… but the most famous is the lemon one) or Dr Thanh (an herbal iced tea). Apparently C2 is also sold in 32 countries (even in the USA or UK, ok, I know I’ve been living in the UK for 5 months, but there were so many drinks to try there and not much money on my bank account that I was buying only what was essential)!

A few days ago, I also tried some kind of homemade apricot wine. One of my friends made it herself, the recipe is easy; you just have to put fruits and sugar in a closed recipient for three months (in the fridge!)and then filter it with water. It gives some kind of fruit punch (the sugar fermented the fruits which gives a bit of alcohol). It is so refreshing! I have a Chinese friend who told me her mother did the same with lemons (but I think her mother left it for only one month because she said it made a kind of lemonade).

Vietnamese cafes are also full of fruit cocktails to try. However, you never know what you’ll get. They sometimes put yogurt or condensed milk inside their smoothies and they can also put some not riped fruits (they like mangoes before they get mature). So when you expect a fresh mango smoothie (thus a blended ripe mango), you’ll get a light yellow mixture with a taste like grass.
When you order a lime juice, you won’t get just squeezed limes with maybe a bit of water and sugar aside. You’ll surely get blended ice (like granita) with a bit of lime juice and a lot of sugar inside.
I once got it with yogurt (as you can see on the photo). What’s cool with the lime juice is that the Vietnamese version is more refreshing than you would expect! So I usually take that.

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