Where to eat in Nha Trang (part 2) ? Romy’s Italian ice-cream

24 Jul

My favourite spot in Nha Trang: Romy’s Italian ice-cream. We went there before going to the train station to go back home, and it was the perfect thing to do to fill my need for chocolate.


The entrance is already promising, full of ice-creams that do not look like full of chemicals.

There was no one inside, except us and then a family with a spoiled child (…). The employees were really sweet and numerous.

Did I mention they make their own waffles AND cones ? I saw the saleswoman doing the cones by herself, rolling them one by one (she was even making the small ones for decorating the ice-creams cups)! And furthermore, it smelled good inside because of that!

We ordered a chocolate waffle to share. There was whipped cream with it. The waffle was warm, the chocolate tasted like pastry chocolate especially melted for the waffle and the whipped cream was not too sweet. It cost 55 000 dongs (about 2€) and it was consistent.

For the ice-cream, we took one called Schokoladen something, all the big cups like that had a German name, so it’s difficult to remember..
It had chocolate and vanilla ice-creams, whipped cream, hot chocolate and a small cone as a decoration. The ice-creams were tasty, not industrial and sweet enough. It cost 85 000 dongs, which is about 3€.

Mark: 5/5
Here is the bill! We also had a bottle of water, usual price, 20 000 dongs (less than 1€).
So I warmly recommend you to go there! It is the best ice-cream shop I’ve seen in Vietnam!
Everything was good, nice , tasty, even the toilets are clean and nice!

Romy’s Italian ice-cream:

1C, Biet Thu
Nha Trang, Vietnam

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