Pacey Cupcakes, Saigon

21 Jul

I discovered, as the time went by, that there were an expansion of cupcakes’ shop in Saigon. I knew one which had just opened (we passed in front many times): Fly cupcakes, but I also discovered through many blogs that there were much more places like L’Usine, CakeWalk or Pacey Cupcakes.

I wanted to try at least one of them (even though I’m now aiming to see them all), so because the weather was bad and I just happened to be near the cathedral, I headed to Pacey Cupcakes, on Nguyen Du (D1).

Here you can find the menu! Each cupcake is 32 000 dongs (about 1,20€). They are not that big.

I took one double chocolate and one peanut butter. There was not many cupcakes left (although it was the middle of the afternoon), so I didn’t have much choice (but I was glad to find the peanut butter one! Fly Cupcakes cook it only once a week, so sad!).

What’s cool is that they have a place upstairs where you can relax and enjoy your cupcakes. As I started to eat, it started raining, so I stayed there longer than I expected.

It’s really a cute place, but also really Vietnamese! You can hear the rain falling on the roof, I’m sure there might be some geckos wandering around sometimes and the roof is also leaking (my room at home too, by the way..). Thus, the seller quickly climbs up to the mezzanine (not allowed to clients) to put a few basins (it reminds me of something..).

Anyway, as you can see, there were plenty of details which made the place cute. There were a lot of magazines, so I didn’t get bored while waiting for the rain to stop. The seller/waiter also gives you some fresh Tra Da (Vietnamese iced tea for those who didn’t follow).

Now let’s focus on the food, shall we?

Regarding the peanut butter and chocolate cupcake, it was surprising. I was not expecting the cake to have a taste of peanut (you might tell me that it’s written on the menu), without being too sugary, and the chocolate frosting also had a small taste of peanut butter, with the crunchy peanuts on top, it was a good mix.

I would say that the double chocolate cupcake was a bit too buttery. You can see on the picture it’s a bit shiny.
As I said before, I’m not a big fan of butter frosting, I find the creamcheese frosting way tastier, but the chocolate frosting was good, even though it’s not of my favourite kind.

So I would warmly recommend Pacey Cupcakes, it’s a nice place if you wanna take a coffee elsewhere than in a coffee chain or eat something with your drink.

Pacey Cupcakes:

53G, Nguyen Du
District 1, Saigon > Site still in construction (on 21/07/2012)

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