Where to eat in Nha Trang (part 1): La Bella Napoli da Gigi e Marinella

19 Jul

Ouch, second Italian restaurant’s review in one week, it must mean I’m craving for Italian food!
Two weeks ago I went to Nha Trang, a seaside town in Vietnam. As usual, craving for Western food, we headed to an italian restaurant advised by our famous French touristic handbook. The place is really central and owned by two Italian women from Napoli.

At first, we both took a lime juice (so refreshing). We then met one of the owners who speaks very well French, but my Italian roots became too strong to keep going in French and we talked about Cuneo, in Italy.
She was very sweet, deeply Italian (she even told me to take care of my fair skin), and a bit original and funny.

My friend took the Spinachi Ravioli with a tomato sauce.

They were good, well cooked and the tomato sauce was not acid at all.

I personally took the Gnocchi with a creamy sauce with mushrooms and ham. They were nice also, although not as good as those of my grandmother (only 62 days to hold before eating them!!). They were small and well cooked (which can be a tough thing to do when they are too big).

At first I wanted to take the chocolate fondant cake (which needed 20min of preparation: home made!), but as weird as it can sounds (I am used to eating a lot), I was too full to order it (it even prevented my gluttony, which is truly missing chocolate, to order it for me). You can see here the bill. Both pasta cost 130 000 dongs (about 5€).

La Bella Napoli (da Gigi e Marinella):

6/0 Quan Tran Hung Vuong Street
Nha Trang

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