My dear Lady Grey

18 Jul

Here I am finally! As I told you, I was away discovering Siem Reap and spending a few days in Saigon.

Today, just a small post about my favourite tea ever (one of my food obsessions): the Lady Grey tea.
The only one I’ve tasted yet is the one from Twinings. This one is funnily under the label “by appointment to her majesty queen Elizabeth II”. For the non-British people, this label simply means that the Royal House is buying this product.

You can find it for any processed food product on the supermarket like mustard or cereals (of course you cannot find it on the fresh meat packs at Tesco). When one of my friends in England discovered that, she just became crazy (I am obsessed about food, she is obsessed about the British royal family): “Oh my goood, the Queen drinks this tea ?!?”.

Anyway, this perfect tea is a classic Earl Grey with bergamot, orange and lemon. It is really sweet and tasty. At first when I arrived in England, I bought a kind of discovery pack of Twinings teas, and then passed in front of the Lady grey pack, wondered if I should take it instead, but I decided to take the discovery pack. Wrong idea.
The Lady Grey was my favourite, so I then decided to buy only Lady Grey.

I also discovered the Sunshine Grey, a tea with Bergamot and Lemon.

I saw on the website of Twinings that the Lady Grey and Sunshine Grey aren’t that “natural”, I can’t understand why, but there are flavourings (not even written “bergamot flavourings”) inside the Lady Grey. They also put some cornflowers (well, at least, this is natural).

Before leaving the UK, I decided to bring my two 100 tea bags’ packs of Lady Grey and Sunshine Grey home. My luggage was overweighted and there was not much space left but I would not have dared coming back without them in case I could not find them in the British grocery shops.

I also brought some with me in Vietnam, but they sell it (only Lady Grey, Sunshine Grey is difficult to find even in England) at Annam Gourmet Market : 16-18 Hai Ba Trung, District 1, Saigon.
You see, I was even thinking about buying one pack to bring back home in September even though I still have two packs remaining!

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