Mochi Sweets

9 Jul

A few weeks ago, I decided to try my first mochi (as far as I can remember) ever in a Japanese shop (the brand is, I think, coming from Hong Kong) in Vincom Center in Saigon.
Well, it’s not actually mochi because mochi is the term used for the dough made with sticky rice.
The right name is mochigashi, which designates cakes made with mochi. What they sell (they sell a unique product made in different flavours) is more like a Daifuku.

For more information about the Japanese cakes, please check Wikipedia:

Anyway, I had already eaten a lot, but I couldn’t resist trying that out. Because of the blog (yes, you insane readers who make me eat more than I can hold), I even decided to buy three of them : two classics, and one original.

It looks like fake, right? I think that the first one opened in the middle is made of plastic, but I’m not sure.

At first when I picked them up, I was surprised to feel they were really fresh, even after 30min walking around in the city. Actually, Mochi Sweets always freeze their cakes.

Each cake has a white bean paste flavoured and a cream filling, except the mango ones which are filled in with mango mousse or yogurt and mango jam (the chocolate mousse has mousse and syrup).
They don’t specify if the inner cream has a flavour but I’m sure they always have one! They are not going to put some green cream if it does not have the taste of green tea.

I took one green tea, one sakura (cherry blossoms) and one mango mousse (they also offer a mango yogurt).

They put the mochi inside a plastic paper which is itself inside a paper with the name of your mochi and they put everything into this paper bag.

I thought that because the dough is sticky and really sweet, the best option was to have an acid filling. But I may try later on the black chocolate one. They look way more appetizing on the website!

The chestnut, the blueberry and the peach look also great.

I just realised that I have less than two months in Vietnam now, and I still haven’t done much of what I wanted to do. Many of my future weekends are already booked to visit new places (Siem Reap, then maybe Phnom Penh, Bangkok…). For instance, I wanted to try out the Japanese grocery store on Le Thanh Ton (D1) but now it may be too late to buy a whole new range of products to cook Japanese here. Hope I will have time to come back there!

This is the sakura flavour.

I found some herbs inside I could not recognise (maybe sakura leaves?). It was really consistent and sweet.
Because my mochi was not cold anymore it was sticking everywhere on the paper and on my lips, like an old chewing gum.

Then here is the mango mousse one.

Sorry for the bad quality, my camera was broken so I used the one of a friend and apparently I was not that skilled with this one.

The mango was really fresh. As I thought so, the acidity of the mango really helped the cake being balanced with the rice dough.

Finally, the green tea. I am always suspicious with green tea, always scared that it might not be good.

Here the stuffing had the same consistence as the sakura one. It means it was really heavy (at least for the white bean paste part).

I thought that globally the Mochi were well stuffed, there was not too much filling but it was not missing either.

Here is the bill! 22 000 dongs each one (less than 1€).
A bit expensive for a Vietnamese way of living, but not much for a European (I must admit that even though it is consistent, each Mochi is a bit small).


-Vincom Center Shopping Mall
B2 floor, 72 Le Thanh Ton street,
District 1, Saigon

-Crescent Mall, 5th floor
Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Phu Ward,
District 7, Saigon

-Vincom Center Ha Noi, 5th Floor, Tower B
191 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung,

They have a few other places in Saigon, but you can find all of them on their website:

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