GreenHill Fish Bar, a Fish & Chips in Shakespeare’s birthplace

31 May

When I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon (which is a wonderful small city, with a great atmosphere coming from the streets and loads of shops, cafés, restaurants you want to get in), I decided to try a Fish & Chips, just to be in a full British mood.

Once again, I followed my French touristic guide and headed to the GreenHill Fish Bar.

I must admit I would never have gone there if it was not advised. The place is not right on the city centre, and to be honest, does not look welcoming at all.

It really looks like a cheap place where you might get sick, so seeing the fried fish was a good surprise, because it looked really crispy. The owner was sweet and his daughter was having fun in the small restaurant.

You can choose between a large and a medium size, and then choose the side/sauce with your Fish & Chips. I decided to take a large one with mashed peas, and my friend took a large one with curry.

The fries were obviously processed food, but you wouldn’t expect perfect fries in a small and cheap place like that.

As you can see, it is substantial. I wouldn’t have dared to try the curry one, but it was nice also.

It cost us about 5£ each so it is a great deal.

GreenHill Fish Bar:

Mark: 3/5
Nice and consistent for a cheap Fish & chips.

40, GreenHill Street (not the Dolphin Fish and Chips, which I haven’t tried)

CV376LE Stratford-Upon-Avon


NB: pictures from M and H (thanks)

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