Tarte à la praline from Jocteur

25 May

Here is one of my pastries’ obsessions, the praline tart from Jocteur.

Jocteur is a bakery and pastry shop from Lyon, located in front of the Ile Barbe. It is the official supplier of the local Bocuse restaurant for bread.

I recently discovered that they happen to have a shop in Paris, right next to a friend’s house. I used to wait one year to eat this delicious tart (I have family in Lyon), but I may pay more often a visit to my friend.

This pastry shop is not famous at all in Paris (maybe because it is from Lyon, and the praline tart is not much famous outside Lyon’s area) and it is a pity. I think that sometimes the pastry blogs focus too much on the biggest pastry shops and forget the small ones.

See that beautiful colour ? It is a simple tart, with a crunchy and thin shortcrust pastry (pâte sablée) and the pralines on top. You can never find it disgusting.

I also learnt that they make a praline cake and a praline éclair. I must definitely try them!

  • Addresses:

-Le boulanger des Invalides, Jocteur:

14, avenue de Villars
75007 Paris

-Le boulanger de l’Ile Barbe, Jocteur:

5, place Henri Barbusse
69009 Lyon

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