Vietnamese snacks: Banh Bao

23 May

The Ban Bao is a stuffed Vietnamese dim sum or brioche made with rice flour.

It is stuffed with sausage, oignons, a quail’s egg, and a hard boiled chicken’s egg yolk. The recipe can change regarding the seller.

You can find it everywhere on the street, but you may prefer to choose a “specialist” rather than a small seller (in the bakery near my house they keep them on a specific machine which is steaming, this way it does not get dry).

The taste is a bit sweet and peppery (Vietnamese people like pepper, and they tend to put too much of it in their broths or meats). However, I am not always confident about the sausage, which can be sometimes hard to chew because of the nerves and pieces of fat.

A big Banh Bao can cost 12 000 dongs (less than 0,5€), even though it does not appear as big, two or three are enough for a meal.

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