Bale Well

13 May

Last week it was national holidays in Vietnam (April, 30th and May, 1st are day off), so we took another day off on Friday to go to the centre of Vietnam: Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An.
In Hoi An, we decided to have dinner in a restaurant indicated by my French touristic guide (Le Routard): Bale Well.
They were saying that it was a no-menu restaurant where everyone ate the same thing, and the restaurant specialised in Hue’s food (Hue used to be the capital city of the last emperors).

The meal cost 80 000 dong (nearly 3€) and was full of a lot of things to put inside rice papers and to eat as springrolls.
They will bring you more stuffs as the meal goes by and there won’t be any fees added to your bill.
Drinks are not included and it is of a substantial quantity, you won’t be hungry after.
We had two different satay kebabs (couldn’t guess what were the two meats however, maybe pork), some fried springrolls, rice papers, salad, marinated cabbage, banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake/omelette),…., and some kind of thick sauce that looked like peanut sauce but wasn’t.

The owner was really sweet and the restaurant was full. She and her waitresses were teaching every tourist how to make springrolls, and you had to follow them! Each time they saw you doing the wrong thing, for instance, eating your kebab on its own, they were coming back to make your springroll with it.

Anyway, it was delicious. Below, you can see a cook frying springrolls.

Mark given: 4/5
Just missing one point because you do feel lost when arriving, furthermore if you don’t know how the restaurant works. Another bad point is that there is a guy at the entrance of the dead-end who is trying to make tourists enter, however, this way you’re sure you won’t miss the restaurant.
Last thing to say: the owner didn’t look really sure of the price she told us (was worried she would do a “touristic price”).

Address and how to go:
A bit lost in a dead-end, you have to access to it through the Phan Chu Trinh street, between Le Loi and Nguyen Hue (on the left side when you’re coming from Le Loi street).

You can find some other reviews here (even the NY Times is speaking about it!):

One Response to “Bale Well”

  1. James @ Fly, Icarus, Fly May 13, 2012 at 20:51 #

    Sounds like an amazing meal for VND 80,000! You did well. Bravo!

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