How the Restaurants’ section will work

11 May

Hello everyone!

Tonight, I will post something about a great restaurant in Hoi An, but first, I need to write some specifications about the Restaurants’ section.

Each restaurant will be given a mark on a total of 5, just to give you a hint of what it looks like if you want to go there.

Also, I will always give the prices of what I ate (there is nothing more stressing than hearing about a nice restaurant without having an idea of what it would cost you).

Unfortunately, I have been in a lot of restaurants (in Paris or in the UK) of which I could talk about, but I do not have any pictures, so for now, you will only here about restaurants in Vietnam (but not always Vietnamese restaurants!).

In September, you may here about my trip to Singapore and discover new places, and when I’ll be back, I know I will rush on a lot of restaurants because I am craving for European food right now.

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