3 May

In Paris, there has been this incredible passion for burgers and American food for more than a year now. A lot of restaurants have opened recently: H.A.N.D, Le camion qui fume, Le Ralph’s, Beef Club…

You may think I am going to be the latest blog describing burger’s passion or complimenting another American food restaurant. I won’t. In Paris, each time a new good restaurant opens, it is usual to see every magazine and blog talking about it, and, of course, complimenting it.

Because of that, I went last January to H.A.N.D (Have A Nice Day), thinking I had to try this restaurant before I came back to England.

I was disappointed. It was one of my last meal with my mother and I was expecting a delicious burger, delicious fries and delicious nachos.

Instead I had processed nachos (thus, they were too salty), dry fries, and a tastyless burger.

However, I must admit that the coleslaw is the best I have ever eaten: not too crispy, not too soft. The vegetables were tasty and thin.

Regarding the burger, I now know why I have been so disappointed. It was partly because of all the laudatory articles, but also because (and you may not believe me) I have found the best burger ever, and this burger IS processed food.

You see, while I was in England, one of my friend came back from Tesco with a pack of two burgers ready to cook including two buns, two slices of cheddar and a portion of red relish. I have to say at first I was down looking at him; “What ? A processed burger? Do you know how to cook?”, and he made me try.

This burger is heaven. The perfect way to cook it is just to add salt and olive oil to your pan, and it gives to the burger a twist and taste. The meat inside the Tesco pack is obviously with a lot of fat, but in France, we are used to say that fat gives taste, right?

Then, you just need to toast the buns, put the cheddar slice on top of the meat at the end of the cooking time, and put the relish on both sides of the buns.

The relish gives a lot of taste: it is sweet (I think there are pickles and some kind of ketchup inside). I cannot find the product anymore on Tesco’s website so I am not able to give you the list of ingredients.

However, when we went back to England in January, the product had disappeared from the shelves. So when I went to Cambridge to visit a friend, I brought him to the big Tesco and bought three packs (yes I did), one for my other friend, one for my freezer and one to eat when I came back.

I hope that Tesco has not decided to stop the production and I advise every one staying in the UK to buy some of those burgers.

I won’t come back to England before a lot of time, and in the meantime, I may dream a lot about them!

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3 Responses to “Burgers”

  1. Wilma May 4, 2012 at 12:33 #

    Heu… in english it may be rather difficult. So je le fais en français. Tu m’as donné envie d’en manger de tes hamburgers de chez Tesco. Et pourtant Dieu sait que les hamburgers aren’t my cup of tea. Lot of kisses from Mutti

    • audrey May 9, 2012 at 07:29 #

      I’d like to get some of these hamburgers to try them !!! Pleaaaaassssseeee 😉

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