In my cupboard (part 2)

26 Apr

Today, I will finish those two posts with the key food I always have in my cupboard:

  • Pasta:

Regarding the pasta, I always need to have different types according to how I cook them;

-Lumache for the meat sauces (such as bolognese)

-Spaghetti (spaghetti, for true Italians can’t really be cooked with meat sauces, because when you roll them the meat stays in the plate, contrarily to the lumache)

-Gnochetti sardi: this is difficult to find, but usually Italian grocery stores sell them. It looks like small gnocchi but obviously it’s pasta secca (and not pasta fresca like the gnocchi). I often cook them when I don’t know what to do, with butter and a cooked meat, or sometimes just by themselves with butter and sage (I’m fortunate to have some in my garden).

  • Rice:

-Basmati rice

-Risotto rice (carnaroli or arborio)

  • Semolina (by itself with butter, it’s just perfect)
  • Polenta (coming from my Piemontese origins, it is nice with a red wine meat or sausage)
  • Red pesto: you can  have some classic pesto, but i’m not a huge fan of it, it is always too salty when buying processed pesto. Red pesto is made with dried tomatoes, and I even use it instead of passata (tomato purée) to make pizza or pasta sauce (it is less acid, so you don’t have to make it cook for hours).
  • Peas in a can
  • Sardines and mackerels fillets in cans
  • Grated parmigiano (a MUST! I cook Italian at least once a week, and I often use some in my salad sauces)

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